Top 5 Golden Technologies Scooters of 2024

Mar 31, 2020 1 comment Stephan Terrell
Top 5 Golden Technologies Scooters of 2024

 We all want the freedom to go wherever and whenever we please, but sometimes it can be difficult when our bodies refuse to function like they used to. That's exactly why Golden Technologies has developed their industry-leading mobility scooters.

Golden Technologies is one of the most paramount brands in the mobility industry, with a diverse line of units that strike an excellent balance between performance, reliability, and affordability. 

And here at Electric Wheelchairs USA, we are proud to be an authorized dealer of their products!

But did you know that they are very selective when it comes to who their dealers are? Golden Technologies wants to make sure the companies selling their products have the highest quality customer care possible - tailored directly to their individual needs. 

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at 5 Golden Technologies scooters.

So Who Is Golden Technologies?

Golden Technologies is an American manufacturer of lift chairs, power chairs, and mobility scooters. This brand boasts one of the biggest and most inclusive facilities in the world dedicated to the manufacturing of lift chairs, located in Old Forge, PA.  All of their units are made with domestic and imported parts.

The company was founded back in 1985 by Robert Golden, Sr. and Fred Kiwak.  Partnering with leading craftsmen in Pennsylvania, the pair began designing and building lift chairs. In 1996, the brand expanded into the scooter business, putting out a superb range of units which made waves in the mobility scooter industry.

The LiteRider, Buzzaround Lite, and Buzzaround XL are some of the brand’s most notable units when it comes to portability. The brand’s Companion lineup of scooters boasted the most luxury, while the Avenger and Patriot scooters are more on the heavy duty side offer a larger weight capacity and sustained durability.

In 2003, Golden Technologies received the U.S. Veteran’s Administration contract, supplying all American veterans with their Companion line of scooters. Every year since, the contract has been renewed, which is a noteworthy testament to the quality and durability of the brand’s products.

The latest step taken by Golden Technologies was expanding into the power wheelchair market, offering a line of mobility-aid wheelchairs for various levels of needs. Their wheelchairs grant an exceptional deal of stability, maneuverability, operating range, and ease of disassembly.

What Types of Products Do They Design?

Golden Technologies offers an extensive array of lift chairs, power wheelchairs, and scooters for all needs and purposes. Let’s take a quick overview of their excellent lineup of mobility units.

Lift Chairs

Before the power wheelchairs and mobility scooters, the Golden Technologies brand was mainly built on its foundation of recline and lift chairs. The brand offers six series and a superb range of units to pick from, from the Imperial and MaxiComfort series to the Value and Comforter series.

When shopping for a lift chair, it’s highly likely that you’re going to find a Golden chair that caters to your demands, whether we’re talking about size, weight capacity, accessories, or features.  Additionally, their units brilliantly combine the finest materials and most advanced technology.

It’s also worth noting that the brand’s lift chairs are all assembled with great attention to detail.  In addition, every chair is put under rigorous quality control tests in order to ensure durability. You’ll also find the brand’s warranties to be some of the best the industry has to offer.

We’d like to remind you that the units we’re going to cover in this article are all mobility scooters, so if you’re interested in checking out Golden Technologies’ array of lift chairs, we highly advise you to check out our collection of all of their products here.  


Power Chairs

Golden Technologies took an interesting approach when trying to develop their lines of powered wheelchairs. What they did was meet with occupational and physical therapists and asked them about what they like and what they didn’t like about the products that are currently available.

Based on the answers they’ve received, Golden Technologies began designing and constructing the LiteRider Envy, Compass Sport, and Compass HD. Later on, the brand released the Alanté which boasts remarkable reliability and Golden’s high standard of quality at an affordable price.

Golden Technologies, with the aid of master designers and proficient engineers, ensures quality by combining the latest in technology with excellent designs.  Not only that, but the brand seems to have a pretty good understanding of style, so you’ll find their units to be visually appealing.

As we’ve previously established, all products put out by Golden Technologies are backed by the finest warranties in the industry, so you don’t have to worry about a thing when buying a Golden power chair.  If you’d like to browse Golden’s selection of power wheelchairs, click here.

Mobility Scooters

Motorized electric scooters are mobility-aiding devices that serve as an auxiliary to a wheelchair, allowing the rider to move around with ease. They’re intended for people who have trouble walking long distances and for the medically challenged. They offer ease of movement without assistance.

When it comes to mobility scooters, Golden Technologies offers one of the most extensive lines the market has ever seen. Golden has released the compact travel scooters, medium-sized portable scooters, full-sized luxury scooters, and even some heavier duty mobility scooters.

Considering how comprehensive Golden’s line of mobility scooters are, you’re very likely to find a unit that meets your needs in terms of size, weight capacity, portability, and pricing. Moreover, all of Golden’s scooters provide excellent reliability, stability, comfort, and performance.

Golden’s mobility scooters are designed and engineered with impeccable attention to detail and superior build quality that makes them some of the most long-lasting models on the market.  And just like all of Golden’s units, they’re backed by top-notch warranties that ensure satisfaction and peace of mind.


Why Buying a Golden Product Is a Great Idea

Electric Wheelchairs USA is an authorized dealer for Golden Technologies, meaning that if you’re going to order any of their products, the product will ship directly to you from their warehouse. In addition, all of the Golden’s products are backed by their warranty which includes one year of in home service for the first year of owning your product.

It’s also worth noting that Golden has a dedicated technical support phone line to help you troubleshoot majority of the issues you would run into over the phone.  As an authorized dealer, we’re obliged to abide by all of Golden Technologies’ standards of service and practice.

At Electric Wheelchairs USA, we offer a low-price guarantee with zero sales tax on all of Golden Technologies’ products.  This is a deal that you’ll find nowhere else when looking to get a Golden product.  Now that you understand their diverse array of products, company history, and benefits, let’s get into our top scooter picks within their product line! 


1. Avenger

Golden Technologies Avenger

With the Avenger GA541D, immobility will no longer prevent you from enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. This is a scooter that has been acknowledged as one of the best units in the 4 wheel mobility scooter category year after year.  It offers everything you may look for in a mobility unit.

The Avenger’s strongest selling point has to be its exceptional, heavy-duty construction.  This is a mobility scooter that’s designed to withstand extra weight with ease, as it can handle up to an impressive 500 pounds, so it’s rugged enough to accommodate just about anyone.



This unit is one of the faster mobility scooters on the market offering a top speed of 7 mph. This means that you’ll be able to travel from point A to B relatively faster than you would if you were to use most other scooters on the market. Despite its speed, the Avenger offers a great deal of safety.

Thanks to its rugged design and 13-inch front and rear wheels, this unit allows you to tackle a wide variety of terrains without any problems. With the aid of the Avenger, you’ll find it easy to travel on uneven terrain smoothly and comfortably. 

Considering how it can handle up to 500 pounds, this bariatric scooter is equipped with an extra-roomy seat for convenience. Not only that, but it also features an adjustable headrest for ideal comfort.  Furthermore, the Avenger features a standard front basket that offers ample storage room for your belongings.

It also boasts one of the most impressive battery ranges, which is due to it being equipped with 55AH batteries that can last up to 18 miles on a single charge.  All in all, it’s quite obvious why the Avenger is one of the best mobility scooters on the market today.

2. Buzzaround GB148D

Golden Technologies Buzzaround GB148D

The Buzzaround EX GB148D is another excellent Golden product that boasts a superb battery range and is one of the more portable mobility scooters on the market.  Per a single charge, this scooter is capable of driving you up to 18 miles using two U1 batteries.

The reason why the GB148D is one of the most portable models on our list is that it can be broken down into five easy-to-manage pieces, with the heaviest piece weighing 53 pounds. It’s also worth noting that the unit weighs about 109 pounds with the batteries included.



While not as impressive as the Avenger when it comes to maximum weight capacity, this unit is capable of withstanding up to 330 pounds, which is past the weight of the average person. In addition to that, this unit doesn’t require any tools in order to be assembled or to be taken apart.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Buzzaround Extreme can be charged offboard, meaning that you can simply remove the batteries and charge them on the optional portable docking station within the comfort of your home. After the batteries have been fully charged, you can simply place them back on the scooter and go about your day.

Another aspect where this unit is superior to other transportable scooters is that it has a top speed of 5 mph.  It might not be as fast as the Avenger, but for being a travel scooter, it’s certainly faster than other models within its class built by other manufacturers.  

When it comes to adjustability and comfort, the Buzzaround EX GB148D truly shines. It features a super comfortable padded seat that measures at 18 inches in width.  Furthermore, the seat’s back is foldable for convenience and it features adjustable armrests that move outward to essentially give the user more of a seating area for optimal comfort.

Its seat can swivel for convenience and the armrests can flip up to allow for ease of entry and exit.  The style of this model can be customized to your liking, as it features two interchangeable color panels in blue or red. Lastly, it offers ample legroom for riders with longer legs.

3. LiteRider GL111D

Golden Technologies LiteRider GL111D

If you’re searching for a lightweight, low-profile scooter that offers a great deal of comfort and an impressive operating range at an affordable price tag, look no further because LiteRider GL111D is exactly what you’re looking for.  It’s also one of Golden’s more practical, yet stylish mobility scooters.

What makes this 3 wheel scooter the ideal pick for people who value style?  It boasts a modern tubular frame design that grants it a slim profile and an aesthetically appealing look.  The scooter boasts two storage baskets for your convenience, one on the tiller and one under the seat.



The LiteRider has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, which is adequate for keeping the average person comfortable. The great thing about this scooter is that it can be disassembled in mere seconds, which makes it one of the easiest mobility scooters to transport.

The LiteRider is equipped with 9-inch tires and rugged steel rims that allow you to tackle various terrains without any hassle. The rims boast shiny hubcaps that add to the model’s aesthetics.  Additionally, it features a stadium-style seat that’s 17-inch wide to ensure maximum comfort.

But that’s not all when it comes to comfort, as this travel scooter boasts adjustable armrests and a full, 360-degree swivel mechanism that allows you to enter and exit the scooter with ease.  The GL111D is available in two colors: blue and red, so pick the color that suits you best.

4. Patriot

Golden Technologies Patriot

The Patriot is yet another heavy duty 4 wheel scooter from Golden’s line of superb mobility scooters. This is a unit that’s designed to tackle the outdoors with ease. The model is built with excellent attention to detail that grants it a high level of performance and reliability.

The thing that helps set the Patriot apart from other units in its class is that it’s equipped with a ton of standard features, making it an extremely comfortable scooter to ride. Its host of off-road accessories and its independent suspension system are what make it ideal for the outdoors.



It doesn’t matter what type of terrain you’re going to use this scooter on, it’ll rise up for the cause and take on just about any challenge in its way. The Patriot’s incredible build quality allows it to withstand up to 400 pounds, making it the second most capable unit on our list when it comes to weight capacity.

It also has one of the most impressive battery ranges of all scooters in its class at 18 miles. The only thing that might repel you from purchasing this unit is its weight, as it weighs about 300 pounds, which is a lot compared to other units. But then again, it’s built tough for the outdoors.

This unit features an infinite adjustable tiller, meaning that you can adjust it to your liking and comfort.  It is available in two colors: orange and red. We can safely say that the Patriot is Golden’s most suitable scooter for outdoor mobility.

5. Companion GC440D

Golden Technologies Companion GC440D

If you’re looking for a mobility scooter that offers a great deal of foot room and legroom, this is a unit that certainly fits the bill.  The Companion is the perfect scooter for taller riders.  It boasts a modern and rugged design that allows it to tackle the outdoors and multiple types of terrain without trouble.

This full-size scooter is equipped with 10-inch tires on both the front and back. These tires help grant it an optimal 4-inch ground clearance.  Such clearance helps the scooter take outdoor obstacles in stride. The unit also features an adjustable LED headlight for when you’re riding after dark.

At 186 pounds, the Companion isn’t the most lightweight scooter on our list. However, it can be disassembled within a matter of minutes, allowing for ease of storage and transport. This 4 wheel scooter is one of the easiest scooters to steer, as it’s equipped with a wraparound delta tiller.



Another great addition is the control panel design.  It boasts a battery gauge display that notifies you when it’s time to recharge the batteries, a speed control dial, horn, and LED lights for driving at night.  The Companion also offers an outstanding weight capacity of 400 pounds, so it’s definitely up there with the Avenger and the Patriot.

Its max speed is solid compared to other units on this list at 4.5 mph, and its battery range is certainly one of the best on the market at 15 miles. This scooter is available in two colors: blue and red, so just pick the one that suits you best.


Final Words

The above-mentioned products are undoubtedly Golden’s finest mobility scooters, and they’re guaranteed to deliver everything they’re promising.  All you have to do is pick the one that meets your requirements and budget.  If there are any Golden scooter that you feel are missing from this list, please feel free to comment below and let us know.  

We also have a special offer you can benefit from by taking 6% off your order.  Simply enter coupon code GOLDEN6 at checkout to apply the discount.  See product page for details or give us a call at 800-682-9444.  Our customer service agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

If you are looking for a folding mobility scooter that folds into one piece, we have an article showcasing our picks for the Top Folding Mobility Scooters of 2021.



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