ComfyGo - Looking at Their Range of Patriot Wheelchairs


ComfyGo manufactures well-designed power wheelchairs and mobility scooters that are portable, lightweight, and modern. If you are an active user looking for a long-range wheelchair, you should consider the ComfyGo wheelchairs.

The Patriotic Wheelchairs are long-range wheelchairs that are comfortable, portable, and can fold for easier transportation. The ComfyGo Patriot wheelchair series consists of the Patriot 10, 11, and 12. Let’s look at each model.

ComfyGo – Range Of Patriot Wheelchairs



Patriot 10

Patriot 11

Patriot 12

Maximum Range

14 miles

13 miles

18 miles

Top Speed

4 mph

4 mph

4 mph

Weight Capacity

330 pounds

286 pounds

330 pounds


1. ComfyGo Patriot 10 Folding Electric Wheelchair


If you are on a budget and in need of a powerful electric wheelchair with folding capabilities, then the ComfyGo Patriot 10 is an ideal choice.

The ComfyGo Patriot 10 is a powerful wheelchair with two lithium batteries to power the two 250-watt motors. With this much power the scooter can support a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds. Additionally, these lithium batteries are approved for airline and cruise ships.

It folds in just three seconds and can easily fit into a car trunk. It is also lightweight weighing only 61 pounds   inclusive of the battery. The Patriot 10 has four wheels with puncture-free tires and an aluminum-alloy frame, and comes in black, blue, red, and in taba colors on the backrest.

The seat is 20-inches wide with comfortable armrests and a waterproof intelligent joystick.

The Patriot 10 wheelchair has features such as a power indicator light, a horn, up-down buttons for speed control and a speed indicator.

The Patriot 10 has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, a maximum driving range of 14 miles, a top speed of 4 mph, and a turning radius of 35.5 inches.

2. ComfyGo Patriot 11 Foldable Electric Wheelchair

The Patriot 11 power wheelchair is an upgraded model of the Patriot 10. Thus, it has pretty much the same features as the Patriot 10.

The Patriot 11 has an interchangeable silver or yellow frame.

The Patriot 11 features a 20-inch-wide seat which is fitted with ergonomic armrests and a backrest for extra support and comfort. The ComfyGo Patriot 11 weighs only 66 pounds with the battery. This power wheelchair has four wheels and dual suspension.

The Patriot 11 has a weight capacity of 286 pounds, a maximum driving range of 13 miles, a top speed of 4 mph, and a turning radius of 35.5 inches.

3. ComfyGo Patriot 12 Long-Range Electric Wheelchair

The Patriot 12 is a powerful long-range electric wheelchair.

This wheelchair is unique because of its sleek design and its customization options. It comes in either black, silver or black and orange on the frame, and just like the previous two chairs it also has the option of blue, red, black and taba colors on the backrest.  

Like the Patriot 11 it is also very light and weighs only 66 pounds inclusive of the battery and 56 pounds without.

At 21 inches wide it has a bigger seat than the other two versions. It also comes with dual suspension for a smoother ride.

The Patriot 12 has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, a maximum driving range of 18 miles, a top speed of 4 mph, and a turning radius of 35.5 inches.


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