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B.W Talbert
Great chair

I bought this chair 5 1/2 years ago used. I have used it inside and outside. Great chair did have the armrest bars on the side break loose and had to re-weld them but other than now the chair has been flawless.

Rhonda LaValley

This message is regarding the comment review from Joy. The chair weight is 160 pounds not how much weight it holds but what the chair actually weighs. The maximum weight for a person is 300 pounds . As far as my review goes my husband loves his job writer he is able to maneuver all around the house with it and outside. It gives him more mobility and more capability of going to the grocery store, sporting events for our grandchildren, and other activities that he was not able to do before .

so far its good product

I bought this Streamer Jazzy scooter for my self, so far its good product, pretty comfortable and easier to steer. it was an excellent fit for me. I am very pleased.

Mary Ball

Shoprider Streamer Sport Rear-Wheel Drive Power Chair - 888WA

Joy B.
my wheel chair is great

l found the Streamer Jazzy scooter to be wonderful. The chair weight is 160 pounds.I weight 150 pounds. I had no problem with this chair. I bought mine used. I truly believe that if a person weight a lot more then the chair, then it may fall apart. When buying this product make sure it is for your sides. If you a heavy person, then you may need to buy a larger wheelchair, or a double wide.

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