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Carolyn j Carney
Enhance Mobility Transformer 4~Wheel Scooter S3021

I am a little disappointed in the scooter it’s self, I was hoping to use this outside around my house. It’s more for going to the stores, shopping, doesn’t work well on grass.

Deb Stehley-Snyder
Really like it

Just need an easier way to get it in and out of my car. Plus where can I get a charger for my house?

Tina Swiersz
Should have gotten one sooner.

I have had my scooter for about 3 weeks now. I enjoy riding it more each time. It is very comfortable and very easy to operate. This scooter will now allow me to get out more and enjoy more of my life. I believe anyone who has trouble getting around would benefit from a purchase of one of the many scooters out there. I love my transformer scooter.

Shelly Jackson

At first I was a little hesitant about the turn radius because I use mine for shopping.i like to be able to go between the clothes racks. However, it is great for that because it is narrow and I have no problems going between the clothes. The radius is fine once you get adjusted to how to maneuver the corners. I love, love the convenience of self folding. So far I love everything about it. It has given me back my life as I once knew it.

Wonderful Scooter

This mobility transformer scooter is wonderful for my lifestyle love the ease of the portability, we travel a lot in a motor coach and so the folding ease works perfectly for our storage basement, Good quality and well built Attractive.

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