5 Health Benefits Of Elevating Your Legs

Apr 08, 2022 0 comments Abby Haukongo
5 Health Benefits Of Elevating Your Legs


Elevating your legs can contribute to better health. This simple action has lots of benefits. In this article, we dig into the health benefits of leg elevation, the right way to do it, and what you can use to enjoy these benefits to the max.

What Is Leg Elevation?

Leg elevation is simply raising your legs above your heart to increase blood circulation. Everyday life finds us either sitting, standing, or sleeping, which can cause soreness, swelling and pressure to our legs, especially if you are overweight.

The effects caused by not occasionally elevating your legs are usually slow but steady. Many ignore leg elevation, only to find themselves with swollen legs and other unpleasant pains that could have been prevented.

What Benefits Do You Get From Elevating Your Legs?

Better Blood Circulation – Elevating your legs makes your blood go “upstream” in the direction of the heart, as opposed to the normal direction it flows while standing or sitting normally. When your legs are elevated, gravity works in the opposite direction, thus your veins do not work as hard to pump blood towards the heart as they do when you are standing, sitting, or sleeping. When blood circulation increases in the body, venous drainage also increases, which releases tension buildup. Since oxygen circulation increases with an increase in blood circulation, you may not feel as fatigued.

Reduces Swelling – Occasional swelling of legs, unrelated to a medical condition, is a problem that almost 50 percent of adults in the United States experience occasionally. When you don't elevate your legs, gravity works one way, causing a buildup of fluids in your lower limbs.

This buildup of fluid causes swelling that is often painful and unpleasant. When you have swollen legs and elevate them, the fluid is pulled towards the heart, reducing the swelling. This swelling can be anything from peripheral oedema (fluid gathering on the tissue) to deep vein thrombosis (where a blood clot forms deep inside your limbs). Research says that deep vein thrombosis might be prevented by occasional elevation of your lower limbs.

Pressure Relief –Elevating your legs is an excellent way to relieve the stress put on the legs caused by prolonged sitting and standing.  Standing and poor sitting are also known to cause pressure to the spine. Elevating your legs helps align your spine and reduces the stress to the spine.

Relieving Muscle Tension – A tired and sore body can be relieved by elevating the legs, as this increases oxygen circulation, which comes with increased blood flow. The next time you feel worn out and sore, try elevating your legs and enjoy the results.

Reduces Strain On The Heart Muscles – When standing or sitting, the body works extra hard to pump blood against gravity. When you elevate your legs, gravity works in your favor, and blood is pulled towards the heart instead of away from the heart.

How Lift Chairs Can Help

People who acknowledge and treasure the benefits of elevating the legs know that lift chairs are essential. Lift chairs can help you enjoy better health at home as you can get your legs lifted with one press of a button.

Here are some guidelines to the correct way to elevate your legs:

Above The Heart – To reap the best from elevating your legs, always make sure your legs are as high as possible, or that they are at least past the heart. This way, gravity will work in favor of your heart and move any built-up fluids in your lower body to the heart, getting rid of your swelling, inflammation, and pain.

Elevate In Intervals – Elevating your feet for long periods can be tiring and uncomfortable. The best way to elevate them without getting tired and giving up is doing it in intervals. Elevating them for 20-30 minutes at times up to 2-3 times a day.


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