6 Best Tips On How To Stay Safe On Your Mobility Scooter

Apr 22, 2021 0 comments Abby Haukongo
6 Best Tips On How To Stay Safe On Your Mobility Scooter


As a new mobility scooter user, you may not be at ease operating a scooter and might fear accidentally running into something.

Therefore, it is wise to use caution and care when operating your scooter. Apart from exercising basic judgment, below are tips on how to stay safe on your mobility scooter.


1. Make Sure You Are Physically Able To Operate a Mobility Scooter

Operating a mobility scooter requires strength in your hands, ability to balance, concentration and good eyesight, just to name a few capabilities. You know yourself better than anyone else, so before using a mobility scooter determine whether you have the physical ability to do so.

2. Practice Before Going In Public

Take your new mobility scooter out on a test drive.  This way you are learning to maneuver it in different settings and environments.

To ride your scooter in public without first testing it out could not just put others in danger, but you could get seriously injured as well.

3. Make Sure You Are Seen

The color of your mobility scooter alone may not provide adequate visibility. 

For example, a beautiful red paint may shine during the day but may be difficult to see at night. That is why you want to add lights and reflective strips to your scooter to make sure you are seen at night.

Try to have at least two reflective lights from each angle of the scooter. Having multiple lights or reflective strips will draw more attention and make you more visible.

4. Maintain Your Mobility Scooter

This is one of the most important tips regarding your mobility scooter. You must regularly conduct maintenance on your mobility scooter.

Generally, the manufacturer will provide a maintenance guide when you purchase your scooter, or the information will be listed on the manufacturer’s website.

Carefully read the maintenance requirements and adhere to them as strictly as possible to make sure that your scooter is in optimal operating condition.

Also, most manufacturers have technical support that can assist with issues that may arise with your scooter. 

5. Learn the Local Rules

Make sure you check with your local municipality before taking your scooter out in the public. 

Your town or city may require you wear a helmet when operating a scooter. Additionally, they will likely prohibit riding on most streets and roads and instead require you to drive on sidewalks or use a bike lane, for your safety.

Even if a helmet is not required by law you may decide to wear one if your scooter has a fast top speeds, in order to protect yourself. Bottom take any precaution that will make you feel safe and comfortable while operating your scooter.

6. Stay On The Sidewalks or Bike Lanes (if allowed)

If possible, try your level best to always stay on the sidewalks or bike lanes if your community has them. For your safety, cross or drive on the road only when necessary.

Car drivers who are driving fast may neglect to slow down or might find it hard to suddenly swerve out of the way when a mobility scooter is on the street, which might put the user of the scooter in danger.

Do not cross the road unless you are doing so at a pedestrian crossing, even if the crosswalk is further away from your destination.

These tips will help keep you and others around you safe. Do not forget to take precaution at all times, and do not trust that other drivers will see you or give you the right of way.


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