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Myron Leski
Not so portable

Removing the seat is a bear. Then you find out the minimum folded height is now 25 inches high and your Tonneau cover is 21 inches high! NOT GOOD! Why was I not informed of this? If I want to put the thing in my covered truck bed I have to order a new Tonneau that folds open.

Ah - But then, you put the seat shaft back on the body - and - the (two different sized bolts) you earlier needed a breaker bar to unfasten - do not easily - do not simply - match up with the body shaft holes. This will give you back trouble, even if you do get help lifting the thing up into the bed.

And no, there may be holes in the shaft but the seat height is not adjustable. Otherwise, runs great.

marvin michaud
a few things it needs

I had to cut the seat shaft down a couple of inches
also had to build a bracket to raise the basket 4 inches to keep it from blocking the tail light
all in all its just a great little machine
one more thing it would be nice if the tail light were wired so that it comes on with the head light

William Percival
EWheels EW20

seating is uncomfortable and difficult to adjust. 1 the seat post leans to rear, when seat is turned left or right passenger leans left or right. Post should be set straight up and down vertically. 2 seat post is designed for persons 5'10 to 6'2. To low seat post must be cut down, can not be adjusted down without cutting. 3 seat be adjustable backwards. Needs Extra holes in seat plate.or redesign seat and seat plate. With modifications done my wife 4'11 Tall love using The EW20 to drive up the dirt road to the mail box or visit neighbors

Tracy Myers
3 wheel scooter

Awesome..just love everything about it

Tracy M.

It's great comfortable, great speed. Easy to drive

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