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Likken It
Looks great.

Haven't used the scooter much but seems to be very solid and well built. Love all the storage space and stylish look. All that we expected.

Freedom to roam

The scooter has most of the things I need. Fast: Get around the neighborhood quickly. Safety: Good brakes, lights, turn signals, and alarm system; also has foot pads for driver and passenger. Comfort: Nice seat, but seat is slick and when a sidewalk or street is the least bit of an angle I tend to slide off. If seat cover was made of a different material and the seat a little wider it might help. I understand the need for for a ramp up of speed when the throttle is twisted, but
when I let off the throttle a little the scooter has to ram up again; I wish there was a way to disable it and just go with a controlled twist. I owned an Ewheels EW-36 a couple years and the throttle worked fine for me. It does have three speeds, so drive to suit your needs. Overall I like it very much. PS: I also like the three storage bins, two of which are lockable.

Claud Lowe

I love my EW12. It goes wherever I want when I want. I've had mine 3 months and no problems of any kind. Be careful of the turns and slow down. Remember, it's a trike, not a four wheel scooter. I still haven't had to charge it after the many times I've ridden it. It's comfortable and the 3 speeds help a lot. It has very good brakes and bright headlight. I like that it has a circuit breaker to cut off all power to the system thereby saving your battery power a lot. The only problem I have is the manual is lousy. It doesn't even tell you where the battery is if you need to replace it and the wheels are a special size. It seems EWheels is the only one that carries the tires, although some dealers may be able to order them. I do love it a lot and use it every day.

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