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Robert Smith
Could use better Breaking system

Create a New breaking system.

cyndy Bourke

Could not be better. Delivery was top notch! I love the scooter!

Larry Fisk

Just received this yesterday 6/14. Haven't been able to unpack it yet so can't review it. I am a disabled senior so I will need to hire someone to unpack it.

Chad Maynard
Why don’t you set up a side company to take Medicare

I want one of your scooters so very badly but not many Medicare recipients, we can’t get one of your scooters. The small side business will allow you to service the many, many, many Medicare patients can afford your scooter with Medicare , but cannot afford one without it. I know the hassle of dealing with government medical insurance ( I’m a retired social worker), but I also know that if you had a side business that only dealt with Medicare it would be extremely profitable for you and extremely helpful for Medicare recipients like me. And it would not slow down your other business with all the government red tape. Someone who is familiar with gov bureaucracy could complete the necessary paperwork with little to no problem so that the customer win and so do you. Please consider this Cheryl 954-594-1123 Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Stacy Pifher
Ez wheels

I love my EZWheels. For those in California because this can go upto 25 MPH state law required it be registered with DMV! It’s not that expensive and dmv will issue a VIN and tags for this scooter! But a drivers license is not needed!
I was pulled over by city police and they was nice and told me about the law! They never gave me a ticket so I went into dmv Costa Mesa and confirmed this makes it easier to if needed ride in the streets when there is not sidewalks or bike lanes! And I was able to get insurance in case of an accident which is also a plus! The only thing I don’t like about the whole wheel company is that getting replacement parts takes a while due to Covid-19! The stereo is am and so wish It was both am and FM! I love in a studio apartment and sometimes I have to slide the chair test or right to get it into the door! But this chair will not fit in city buses as it it to big! I love the fact it can go 45 miles on a single charge! I can spend the day out and about and with the alarm I done need to worry!

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