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Bob Austin
Beats 'walken'.

Great. Real eyecatcher. Battery shot after first year. Still love it. 💕😁

Michael Alexis Palmer
I am finally moble

Where do I begin? I should probably pull over on the side of the road to complete this review. (Just kidding), but I do take this scooter everywhere. To work. To class. To the store. What a terrific mini vehicle.and It has great power when fully charged and since we are talking about "charging" there's a few things I'd have altered about this scooter model. 1. The dash board should have an indicator of how much life is left in the battery. It's always guess work after a about an hour of riding. 2. When using the headlights at night, it drains the battery extremely fast. Almost to half. 3. Make sure not to go full speed when making turns. cause you will surely go flying off the scooter. Aside from that, I am very pleased with my purchase and hope to have my EWheels 10 for many years to come.

Gary Wing


Para o Brasil é muito caro
Bonita mas muito cara

Não posso comprar nada avaliado em dólar

Happy Wanderer
EW 10 inaugural trip

Received shipment on time! My first excursion was a local car show. Carlisle Fall Show is 82 acres of classic cars and parts! I rang up about 14 miles of stopping and starting, hills ect. Being 300+ pounds the scooter still had over half battery life left. I received many compliments and questions about the EW10! I am extremely pleased with the purchase! The only thing i would change is the back up alarm is extremely loud! THANK YOU!

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