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Happy Wanderer
EW 10 inaugural trip

Received shipment on time! My first excursion was a local car show. Carlisle Fall Show is 82 acres of classic cars and parts! I rang up about 14 miles of stopping and starting, hills ect. Being 300+ pounds the scooter still had over half battery life left. I received many compliments and questions about the EW10! I am extremely pleased with the purchase! The only thing i would change is the back up alarm is extremely loud! THANK YOU!

Charles Payne
MY EW-10 Magic Carpet

The ew-10 does everything I had hoped for.I rrode it in Norfolk Botanical Gardens & Virginia Zoo.I left my Phone# with technical support to get some questions answered 12 days ago and no reply.Same problem on parts!!!!!

D.M. Handy

Cannot open storage under the seat,. What is the secret.? Some extras are. Missing.

Dianne Simpson
Scooter Good, User Guide Inaccurate

I really like this scooter so far. Its main weakness for me is slowing on slopes and inability to handle angles greater than 12 degrees. To make it up into my garage, I plan to try the 2nd gear next since 1st did not work completely.
The pages sent to me as a User Guide is helpful but has major omissions which caused me to call the Tech Representative and be put on hold. The simple action needed to lift the seat was not included in my pages and the photo of the emergency/parking brake is not correct for my model of scooter.
A User Guide should be complete and accurate for users and not require calls to Tech Support. Please correct this and respect your customers.

I Love this Scooter!

I love this scooter! It's very high quality and the seller is great, it arrived fully assembled when it was supposed to. I love the color I am very happy and completely comfortable with.

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