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So convenient

Great alternative

I got the scooter love how small it is definitely able to get into places that I couldn't wit my pride. Light weight, looks good and love the key fab!! For those like me with multiple sclerosis be careful with it being light weight need to stabilize prior to getting on and off. Perfect scooter for home, office and semi rough terrain. It's easy to maneuver tight places especially offices, stores and restaurants.

Simply Amazing!

OMG! I am so grateful that I took time and searched through all of the scooters available. I already had a larger scooter that can be broken down into 4 pieces and fit into a trunk, however it is not convenient if I'm riding with someone who doesn't have the space so I needed something even smaller.
I have fallen in love with my new scooter. It is EVERYTHING that is advertised about it. It is light enough for me to pickup and we usually just throw it on the back seat when it's just my husband and I. It takes no time to unload and unfold and the speed is INCREDIBLE! I have to turn it all the way down to low or I'm afraid I'll fly off or hit something or somebody. My husband can't keep up with me and is constantly telling me to slow down, and that's with it on slow. Wow! I love it! Everyone stops and asks me about it and wants to know where I got it. What amazes me the most is how easily I can stay on the scooter and still shop with ease. It so easy to maneuver in and out between aisles and racks of clothes.
It takes up no room at home. We have a table console in the entryway hall of our home and folded up the scooter fits perfect right underneath it so I can just grab it and go.
I can't think of anything but wonderful things to say about my scooter. If I wear it out I will definitely buy another one.


So compact and convenient

Frankie Hill
Really love it

Really love not heavy and it folds itself love it

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