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Joyce Lindner

EV Rider Transport AF+ Deluxe Folding Electric Scooter

Mags Avitas
Okay portable scooter

It's not good on anything but flat surfaces. Works best indoors on smooth floors. Great turning radius, which makes tipping over easy too. It's size and portability are tough to beat. The auto folding is great and it is definity lightweight for a scooter (around 43 lbs). Bottomline is there are pros and cons to the EV Rider Transport AF+ Deluxe Folding Electric Scooter. This is not an everyday scooter, just good for light vacations where the paths are paved, smooth and flat. The battery life is laughable.

Robert Ziegler

Great Scooter, Poor Owner's Manual

Rhonda Owens
EV rider

I said I was gonna get some extra gifts with it but I never got them EV rather

Benard Walter
Fabulous life enhancement.

Things that we could not do before, limited to a large and heavy scooter that was difficult to put into an SUV, are now easily possible with this highly portable unit that is so light with handles so conveniently located. The one wheel in the front makes a more compact and lighter chassis but is a little less stable than your new two front wheel unit. I doubt that we get close to 10 miles running distance, but so far we have managed without a problem. The electronic folding and unfolding feature is perfectly wonderful. Now, my question is how long the battery and unit will last and remain functional. So far, this is a spectacular scooter, the best ever that we have had, REALLY.

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